A Body of Water book of poetry by Hudson Gardner

A Body of Water

By Hudson Gardner

A modern epic poem about interdependence, work, and a re-connecting with the earth. Weaving together personal experience, the seasons, and a sensitive moving through the world, A Body Of Water portrays the slow dissolution of one person's ego—in order to flow along with larger things.

Sample Poem

Prunella vulgaris

Maybe it was on the day the greenhouses opened
when the sun made it too hot inside
that we had gone down to the blueberry barren to prune.
I guess it was the first day that felt like something had changed.
That morning I’d watched the light hit a new part of the wall.

Down under the blueberries,
pruning them with dull shears.
Laying on my back
looking at deep blue sky between the branches.

Cutting out what doesn’t need to be there
Leaving only what’s left

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